US Headquarters

(973) 898-9480

The Toa Reinsurance Company of America

US Headquarters

(973) 898-9480

Reinsurance Products

The Toa Reinsurance Company of America offers a wide range of property, casualty, professional, and agricultural treaty reinsurance products written on both a proportional and an excess of loss basis. We look to partner with our clients for the mutually shared long-term success of both entities. We strictly manage our aggregations and lines of business and we have proven to be reliable and consistent with our capital, ensuring the security of all of our business partners. Toa Re’s team of underwriters is highly skilled with significant experience in the industry. Clients and brokers value our personalized approach, consistent track record, highly-rated capacity, and proven claims-paying ability.

Treaty Underwriting

U.S. P&C

Jerry A. Farrell
Executive Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer
(973) 898-9892

Michael P. Blaber
Senior Vice President
(973) 898-9437

Robert Clark
Senior Vice President
(973) 898-9482

Brian F. Hopkins
Senior Vice President, CPCU
(973) 898-9276

Keith Cartmell
Senior Vice President
(973) 898-9548

James P. McNally
Vice President, CPCU, RPLU
(973) 898-9381


Caroline Kane
Senior Vice President & Chief Agent in Canada
(416) 366-5872

Angela Lane
Vice President
(416) 350-1468

Bin Zhang
Executive Vice President
(949) 474-0478

Andrea Shi
Senior Vice President
(949) 474-0427

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